Chad Stephen is a Sophomore at Kearsley High School and has been on the Varsity Bowling team for the last 2 years. He experienced a State Championship last Spring when the Kearsley Boys team won their first ever State Championship, but nothing can compare to what he experienced in early October at B’s Bowling in the Tuesday Scratch League. Chad had just recently purchased a new Storm HyRoad Solid bowling ball from Bart Rutledge at the Bowlers Advantage Pro Shop at Grand Blanc Lanes and anyone that knows Chad knows that he has been out practicing a lot with his new equipment, trying to get prepared for the upcoming high school season. Well Chad started his Tuesday league out on lanes 3-4 at B’s Bowling with some strikes and spares and ended up throwing the last 4 strikes the first game to finish with a 217. What came next was amazing and even surprised Chad. He continued to throw strikes when he moved to lanes 5-6 and ended up shooting a 300 game his 2nd game but it didn’t stop there, he continued to strike when he moved to lanes 7-8 for game number three and he finished off his third game with another 300 game. He finished his first 3 games with 28 strikes in a row and his first 800 series with an 817. Chad is the 4th person in the history of Flint Junior bowling to bowl back to back 300 games joining Jason Howard, Matt Anderson, and Tylor Greene as the only other Junior bowlers to accomplish this feat. Chad finished last season with a 225 league average and he is currently averaging 220 in the Tuesday Scratch League and it’s pretty safe to say he is ready for high school bowling to begin. Congratulations Chad!Chad_Stephen