The 8th annual Middle School Singles Championship Tournament will be held on Sunday, May 20th at Collier Lanes in Oxford. The start time is 10am and the cost is $12 per bowler. If any of these middle school bowlers plan to bowl in high school this is a great tournament to get them ready for high school competition. This tournament will be ran exactly like a high school tournament except that bowlers will get handicap in this tournament. Bowlers will bowl 3 games for qualifying and with their handicap standings will be determined and a cut will be made most likely to the final 16 bowlers, if we have more than 50 bowlers in each division we will cut to the top 32 bowlers. Bowlers will then be matched up in a head to head competition with each bowler bowling 1 game and the highest game wins and moves on and the lowest game is eliminated. This will continue until we have a tournament champion. The final 4 bowlers will receive a medal and the high qualifier and high game of the tournament will also receive a medal. Entries will be accepted up until 30 minutes before the start of the tournament so walk ins are welcome. Currently we have a total of 50 entries (38 boys and 12 girls).  Click the middle school link to get to the middle school bowling info for the entry form and a listing of entries that have been received so far.