This page contains important forms for high school bowling coaches, click the links below to access the forms in PDF Format and print them out

Directions – Directions to all of the Bowling Centers in the FMBC

Tie Breaker Procedure – Tie Breaker Procedure for high school bowling match

Shirt Order Form – Use this form to order team shirts after try outs are completed

Coaching Tips

Membership Cards – Use these to become USBC members for bowlers in high school

MHSIBCA Coaches Membership Application– Used to Join the MHSIBCA – Cost is $35 if submitted before Dec. 1st each year

Coaches Duties & Responsibilities – This form should be printed out, signed & returned to conference commissioner

Try Out Flyer  – Use this form to hang at the school

Try Out Form – Use this form to keep track of scores during try outs

High School Practice League Rules – High School Coaches use this to sanction your practices as a league

Parental Agreement – Each parent is to sign this agreement

Student Conduct – Each student athlete is to sign this agreement

Coaches Notes – Steps to follow when coaching a high school team

Emergency Form – This is an emergency form to make sure that coaches have students information in case of an emergency

High School Coaches Team Checklist –  Use this form when turning in your paperwork to conference commissioner

High School Practice Worksheet – High School Coaches use this to get bowler information for sanctioning your practice league

Bowling Etiquette – High School coaches should cover this with all bowlers

Fundraiser Sheet – Coaches should use this sheet to keep track of fundraiser ticket sales

Team Contact List – Coaches should use this list to keep track of players important information

Scholarship Application – Coaches should give this form to graduating seniors, used to apply for scholarship – Updated for 2018-2019 season

Ticket Sign Out Sheet – Coaches will use this form when handing out the bowling ticket fundraiser to their bowlers

Fundraiser Premiums – What the student/athlete will get for selling fundraiser tickets – Updated for 2018-2019 season


Print all of these forms out and keep with you when coaching