Greater Flint Area Youth Hall of Fame

The Greater Flint Area Youth Hall of Fame was started in 2010 with the first class of 3 youth bowlers being inducted. We now officially have 30 members of the youth hall of fame and each person has received a $250 scholarship.

Nominations take place from October to December 31st each year and then applications will be sent out to the nominees in February and must be returned in March.  Those applications that are returned then go to an independent committee to select the nominees. Those that are elected will be inducted at the annual Youth Banquet in June. Click the link below for a nomination form.

Youth Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame was actually started by Sean Klug, TJ Yeip and Chuck Haus when Sean was the owner of GLC Bowling Balls as a way to recognize youth bowlers in the Greater Flint Area. They wanted to start a Hall of Fame and give the new inductees a scholarship that they could use for school. It started small because we had no funds to start it and when GLC went out of business after the first year of the Hall of Fame we had to get creative. The Hall of Fame was taken over by Rob Ploof and Scott Fisackerly in 2011 with the idea of keeping it going and after 10 years it is going strong. It is now ran by Rob Ploof with some help from Bob Tubbs and is now self sufficient with funds being donated by local high school and middle school tournaments as well as some donations from the Flint Women’s 600 Club and the Flint 700 Club and this Hall of Fame would not have been possible with some donations and insight from Ben Roof of A Frame Awards who still donates the awards for the inductees and makes the Hall of Fame booklet for the Youth Banquet every year.

Class of 2010

Matthew Anderson

Anthony Harger II

Nicholas Sutherland

Class of 2011

Anna Haggerty

Erin Brown

Tylor Greene

Chad Hoover

Class of 2012

Joey Hoover

Natalie Gerlach

Quinton Burnett

Class of 2013

Bryanna Witham

Lindsey Ploof

Andreya Teuber

Class of 2014

Allison Gerding

Scott Fisackerly

Class of 2015

Kayla Emmendorfer

Brooklyn Greene

Becca Iversen

Teagan MacDonald

Class of 2016

Hannah Ploof

Andrew Anderson

Brandon Richard

Kyle McGrath

Class of 2017

Brooke Wood

Taylor Davis

Kailee Tubbs

Jordan Nunn

Class of 2018

Chyanne Hibbs

Brendan Adams

Ben Roof

Class of 2019

DeQuincy Adams

Dillon McArthur

Barbara Hawes

Bailey Gipson

Class of 2020 * Note- no banquet due to Covid

Brandon Kreiner

Alexis Roof

Justice Schihl

Class of 2021

Samantha Timm

Allison Robbins

Class of 2022 

Megan Timm

Aidan Fisackerly